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The Origin of Wilhelm Tell Pianos

Bringing you world-class Swiss technology and know-how in piano design, Wilhelm Tell Pianos are made to meet the requirements of pianists of all levels.

Wilhelm Tell Pianos date as far back as 1872 when the Burger & Jacobi Piano Factory was established in Switzerland. When Jean-Claude Haefliger, pupil of Josef Prach, took over the factory in 1996, with Hanna Prach, Milan & Miro Tuachmann, they set out to perfect their trade through years of research and development. Henceforth, their ideal range of pianos known as Wilhelm Tell, was born.

Our Pianos

Be captivated by the splendour, range and tone of one of the world’s most respected pianos.

Wilhelm Tell Brand

Jean-Claude Haefliger

Jean-Claude Haefliger

Founder of Wilhelm Tell

For over a century, Wilhelm Tell has only been associated with first class pianos. We spent the last decade perfecting our quality using the best Swiss technology. Our pianos are manufactured from the finest materials and undergo thorough quality checks by our piano makers. Today, we continue to provide the best pianos catered to musicians worldwide.